Custom Blinds for your Space.

Choosing the Perfect Custom Blinds for your space.


Bring your unique style to your home and personal space with custom blinds. You could travel the world and never find two homes exactly alike. Your homes interior lighting is a primary factor in how it will feel—making the difference between a cold, closed off room and a warm and inviting space. Installing custom blinds in your home can provide the light control and privacy it needs to complete the style that’s uniquely yours. With our custom blinds, you can choose the exact look you want for your home while having peace of mind with a high quality product as well.

Blinds by Design offers many lines of custom window treatments. Our horizontal blinds are created with top of the line craftsmanship in a variety of materials including, hardwood, wood hybrids, co-extruded non PVC, and aluminum. With each collection of custon blinds that Blinds by Design has to offer, you choose the finish, color, and texture of the blind. You have the option of the size of your slats. You also have an option of wood or faux wood. Co-extruded non PVC faux wood blinds are durable and perfect for spaces with humidity like bathrooms and kitchens. Aluminum blinds can also provide many options in customization, varying in slat size and color. A favorite option to add a punch of color or coordinate with wall or furniture color is cotton tapes on the blinds or the more economical choice of cotton tapes on the designer valance.

Custom Blind slats are available in many colors and textures. White is still the most popular paint color option. There are a ton of different options for white, the range varies from the whitest white to an endless array of off-whites. In recent years, gray has grown in popularity. You can now get gray in every shade from the lightest light to deep charcoals. Woods stains are also popular and perfect for studies, libraries, offices, or anywhere that you want a rich, warm feel. Distressed stains are all the rage these days.

Vertical blinds are another great option if your space has windows too large for horizontal blinds or you have sliding glass doors. They give your windows the light control and privacy that you need without having to sacrifice style. Our vertical blinds are available in fabric, vinyl, and aluminum with variations in each of these materials. Choosing between fabric, vinyl, and aluminum blinds can make a world of a difference in your space because each material looks so different, allowing you to customize your blinds to create the perfect addition to your home.

Whether you are looking for wood blinds or faux wood blinds, horizontal or vertical blinds, painted blinds or stained blinds, Blinds by Design has the perfect blinds for your style. We have a wide selection of custom blinds for homes in Lexington, Louisville, and Southern Indiana. Contact us today to schedule a free in-home consultation for custom blinds. We will bring the showroom to you and help you choose the perfect blinds for your home. Blinds by Design, where style meets affordability.