Blog Banner for DIY versus hiring a professional for your project.

DIY or Professional: When it’s time to hire a professional for your project.

Blog Banner for DIY versus hiring a professional for your project.

If you’re ready to make a change to your home or business, whether it’s changing your frayed shades, transitioning to a new style, going with a new color scheme, or completely remodeling your home or business, it may be a better idea to call for a professional than tapping into your inner Joanna Gaines. Even Chip and Joanna hire professionals for installments. If you’re unsure about whether or not to call a professional or try to save some change doing it yourself, read below to make the decision for yourself for your desired project.

You’re not 100% positive about your measurements.

We all get lost in the rabbit hole we call Pinterest, you open up the page searching for “healthy kid friendly snacks” and end up an hour in learning how to completely give your living room added insulation and that timeless elegant look with plantation shutters. Completely inspired, you’re now digging through your junk drawer looking for that tape measure and running over with your step stool stretching your arms as wide as you can to try to get pane to pane and an accurate reading of your measure. You start online shopping for stark white plantation shutters inputting your measurements but you’re about to put in an investment that you weren’t even sure that you measured the right distances. Were you supposed to measure the width opening? Should you have taken a diagonal measurement to determine the squareness of your window? Should you have measured the depth of the frame, from the outsides of the pane? Do you take the measurement of the top, middle, bottom, and use the biggest distance or the shortest distance?

Let’s face it, it’s time to call your local window treatment professional. If you’re not 100% positive that your measurements are accurate, or that you even took the correct measurements for the window treatment you’re wanting, save yourself the hassle, time, and money and call for a professional.

You’re not sure of the best style for your room.

Envisioning a total decorative reconstruction of your family room can be a daunting task. Whether it’s changing the color of the walls or adding an accent wall, purchasing a new sectional with enough room for all the kids, sending your husband for those end tables you saw on Facebook marketplace for that rustic lamp you saw at your neighbors garage sale that you just had to have!
Ever think about simply changing your window treatments? Whether it is more light you are wanting, or even less light when your blinds are closed, adding a little color with roman shades, or conserving energy with cellular shades, maybe you’re interested in making a statement with transitioning to shutters. You can completely alter a room by the choice of window treatments. There’s hundreds of styles and designs to choose from and often what one may think would be suitable for a room may often leave them unsatisfied because it’s not quite what they were hoping for.
The professionals at Blinds By Design have seen it all, what makes us different is our eye for interior design. Pairing the design of the room to determine the best window treatment style you never knew you actually desired is our specialty.

You don’t even know where to start.

A new home project can be fun or designing a new conference room to add a little more cheer to your morning team meetings may be just what they need to get them off on a good foot and a productive day. Seeing multiple inspirational ideas, you think you know what you want but where do you even start? There are efficient ways to take on a project like this and it is easy to get carried away and sidetracked leaving you with a huge mess and realizing you’ve taken on more than you can handle.
A professional window treatment installer can take all these woes off your shoulders. This may be your first project but it’s definitely not theirs. Coming from experience in hundreds of these situations, they know exactly the procedural steps to execute a smooth sailing project.

You are remodeling your entire home or business, not just one room.

If you’re trying to modernize your home or business to make it attractive to buyers this can turn into a very costly expense if not executed in the most efficient manner. Often this extensive project can become a nightmare and end up being way over your head and too much to take on for just you. Hiring a professional equips you with an expert opinion on current trends and ideal style for each room, it also equips you with the entire team to finish the project in a fraction of the time it would have taken just you and another to complete. Hiring a professional for a project such as this can be much more affordable in the end, by removing the work, stress, and any repairs you may obtain when attempting the project yourself.

You have a complex desired style or window type.

If you have a complicated and odd shaped window, a custom design and installation may be your only route. If you’re looking to transition to solar, sheer, or roller shades, these can be more difficult to measure for than your typical classic window treatment style. Inaccurate measurements can lead to further problems down the line, large gaps between the fabric and window frame, unwanted light and lack of privacy from inaccurate measurements. You may need to triple check your sizes, let a professional measure your project and check your measurements prior to ordering your shades.
If you’re looking for something a little more advanced such as plantation shutters, vertical blinds, or panel tracks, these styles can be quite bulky, oppressive and frustrating if you’re doing it yourself.
By taking away the work and risk of damage to your home, hiring a professional can take this headache and unknowing away from you.

You don’t quite have the tools necessary to accomplish such DIY projects

Everyone wants to try their hand at a construction project for their home they saw on their Facebook or Pinterest feed. Truth is, it’s easier said than done. Sometimes what you think would be the simplest projects end up requiring an unruly amount of tools and hardware you may not have. If you’re having to go out to buy all new tools, you may have all those tools for the future, but let’s be realistic, how often will you actually be using these during their shelf life? Not to mention do you actually know how to use these tools?
If you are not experienced with such projects and tools, it’s recommended to have a professional come out and measure your windows first and assess your project. A professional can determine if you need any specialty hardware like self-tapping screws, balance accessories, or drywall anchors.
By hiring a professional, they already have all the tools necessary to complete and repair any project no matter the simplicity or difficulty. Contacting a professional will often be a smarter and cheaper route in the end.

You’re on a budget.

Although hiring a professional does increase initial expense, taking on a DIY project can go wrong a lot easier than one may think, ending up in costly repairs by having to hire a professional to come in and fix all the work you thought you could do. If you have an idea in mind and you’re looking for a change to your space, call a professional and get their expert opinion, they can work within your budget rather than you trying to figure it out yourself.
Blinds by Design offers an initial free consultation to review your desired style and project with the ability to execute the project fully. Get your free consultation here.

Are you ready to take on your own DIY home project or do you think it is time to call a professional? Ready to do it yourself? Blinds By Design will be here to root you on or here when you have a question or throw in the towel. Give us a call today at our Lexington office (859)940-2462 or for Louisville (502)373-0100.