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The Many Benefits of Plantation Shutters

Your window treatments can make a big difference in your home, so it’s important to make sure that you are choosing the ones that meet your needs. Plantation shutters provide beauty, elegance, and a myriad of functional benefits that can benefit any home. At Blinds by Design, we offer a wide variety of plantation shutters, and we can help assess your needs to ensure you get the right ones for your home. Give us a call today to set up an appointment and learn more about all the benefits that custom plantation shutters have to offer.


Custom shutters offer clean lines and a sophisticated style that look great with any interior decor scheme. They are cordless, which not only keeps your windows looking neat and uncluttered, but it also keeps your children and pets safer. You can also choose the louver size that fits your style and gives you multiple levels of light control and privacy you desire in your home. Additionally, our shutters are created specifically for your windows, so they will look great in your home and are guaranteed to fit perfectly.


In addition to the style they offer, plantation shutters offer light control and privacy to your home. Simply tilt the louvers to redirect the light that enters your home, so it isn’t right in your eyes. You can also adjust the louvers to ensure that anyone looking into your home from the outside won’t be able to see anything but the ceiling. You can also close the louvers completely for maximum light control and privacy. In addition, we also have options available that allow you to adjust louvers individually, so you can leave the bottom louvers closed for maximum privacy and leave the top louvers open to let in natural light.


With Blinds by Design, you can choose from both real wood and faux wood shutters. Real wood shutters offer a charm and natural beauty to your home that is unmatched with other window treatments. However, even though wood looks amazing, it may not make sense in every room in your home. Faux wood shutters are better options when choosing shutters for your kitchen or bathrooms, because they are more resistant to heat and humidity. Faux wood shutters can either be stained to mimic the look of real wood or painted in a variety of colors to perfectly complement your existing decor.


Custom plantation shutters can add a lot to your home, and you can create the ones that are perfect for you with the experts at Blinds by Design. We offer free in-home consultations to help make your decision easier. By having us come to you, you can see how our products will look and work in your home before you purchase anything. In addition, we offer free measuring and installation with all of our window treatments, so you’ll never have to worry about them fitting or working properly. We proudly serve Louisville and Lexington, KY, Sellersburg and Jefferson, IN, and the surrounding areas.

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