Your in-home guide to sprucing up any room creatively and affordably in 2010.

New Room Resolutions!

New Year, New Room! The right tricks to sprucing up any room on a budget.


It’s that time of year, the end of December, you’re sitting here recapping everything that has happened this year and wondering where the time has gone. What’s even more special about this end of the year is that it’s the end of the decade. The year 2020 is upon us, it’s really time for fresh starts and fresh beginnings!  Why not spruce up your home decor?

What comes with a new year comes new resolutions. Always made with the best of intentions but not always enforced with the best of effort. We’ve been through them all- lose weight and get fit, quit a bad habit, start a good habit, spend more time with family, get out of debt and save money, it goes on and on. 

Well we have quite the perfect new year resolution for you that is a quick and easy fix, that won’t drag you down week after week or break the bank. A little DIY home decor revamp. Replacing window treatments, shades, and blinds is one of the most affordable ways to give your home a new look and feel without costly construction projects. It’s amazing how a quick changeup can completely give a room a new appearance. Remember small changes can make a HUGE impact!

We have a couple of tips and tricks to spruce up your home decor in any room for an affordable price with these window treatments. Let’s dive in!


Chic Unique Green and White Roman BlindsAdd a little splash of color to liven any room.

Adding color to a room doesn’t have to be the $400-$500 in buckets of paint needed to recolor your walls. Instead look towards painting door frames, baseboards, and trims for that new look. What we love is adding a chic, fun fabric shade to your windows. Depending on your fabric selection they can provide total privacy or allow light to filter through. Roman shades are perfect for this look, these are a folded fabric option, one of the most classic and popular window treatments to add to a room. The plus side is that there are hundreds of patterns, colors. and shapes to these designs to match your decor and give any room a little pizzazz! For children’s room or fun family rooms choose fabrics that contrast with the wall color and decor to draw attention. For a formal, luxurious look choose fabrics with rich colors and added embellishments such as fringe, decorative trims, and ribbons. If you love the Roman Shade look but not looking to draw too much attention to them choose shades in similar color to your walls to blend with the room for a clean, contemporary look. 


Grey Faux Wood Blinds for a bathroom window home decorForget about the worrisome bathroom moisture.

Replace those old white aluminum and plastic shades in your bathroom with faux wood blinds. These moisture and humidity resistant, durable slats are perfect for the regular heat and steam from daily showers, and everyday cooking in your kitchen. Added plus: they are easy to clean! Pick a neutral colored shade because they are so versatile, they work with any color of a room for a soft elegant look. With the graceful look and feel of real wood but with a smaller price tag.



Blue cellular shades conserve energy in drafty windowConserve energy from those drafty windows.

Give any room a modern twist and get the best of both worlds with the fun top down bottom up feature of these cellular shades. These shades are perfect for giving privacy and blocking light yet also taking in natural light from the top if you wish. With the unique appearance of the insulated cells, these are perfect for blocking light and conserving energy and controlling the temperature of a room by trapping airflow, thus keeping outside air, outside. 



Dark wood woven blinds to tone down a room home decorBreak up the monotony of dark colored decor and neutral wall colors.

By matching the furniture, the dark color of woven wood shades create a balance in the room. If you are trying to add some charisma without the costly price of painting, this is your look. Available in a variety of materials including bamboo, grasses and reeds, woven shades add texture and style and naturesque to any room. 


Bright white sheer blinds to bring in natural light to any room home decorBrighten up any room with natural sunlight and sheer elegance.

Enjoy privacy, looking outside, and natural sunlight all in one piece. These sheer blinds feature two sheer fabric facings over soft fabric vanes. The luminous fabric allows obstructed light inside for a soft iridescent glow to a room. Also offered in room darkening styles to obstruct light in a room. Rather than choosing bulky or heavy blinds, sheer shades are a lighter option that can add life to any space. These also look great with various drapes and fabric for additional light filtering if chosen.


Blinds by Design offers numerous affordable options for revamping any room. With an expert touch and creative eye, we are bound to give your home a new space you can be proud of! Now, what are you going to accomplish this decade?

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