Self Care: Window Edition. 9 signs it’s time to repair or replace your window treatments.

It’s the year of self care and investing in yourself; the place you do a lot of self care activities, your home. And maybe it’s time to take a look at your home to see what it is in need of a little nurturing. 

Have you taken a look at your blinds recently? Matter of fact, when was the last time you’ve replaced your window treatments? Depending on your product style, window treatments typically only have a usable window life of 7 to 8 years and depending on the environmental conditions– being constantly drawn, your lovable, adorable pets and kids playing in them, weather conditions, sun bleaching, etc. etc., it may be time for replacement or upgrades to your current window treatments.

Continue reading below for 9 signs it may be time to replace your blinds and shades. If you’re being faced with some of these issues well before the recommended life you may want to give us a call and see what we can help you with at (859)940-2462. Many times there may still be a warranty in place that won’t cost you or we can get you fixed up with a quick repair for a fraction of the cost than replacing the whole set.


1. It’s difficult to draw or raise your blinds

difficulty pulling window blind cord

If you experience increased difficulty in trying to raise or open your blinds there may be an internal issue. The pulling mechanisms may be broken, the cord may be frayed or worn, or in disrepair. Often the cord may just need replaced.

Without proper repair or replacement, it could lead to bodily and home injury when you completely rip a hole pulling your blinds out of the wall to crash down upon you. YIKES! Leading to further costs of hospital bills and home repair costs, am I getting a little out of hand here. . . you never know what could happen!

 If you’re leaning towards a replacement and looking for something that will last you longer and more susceptible to wear, then consider transitioning to cellular or faux wood shades. These styles are often easy to maneuver and are lightweight. 


2. They’re not serving their original purpose.

Do you have window treatments that aren’t quite blocking out the sun or leaving you with wide gaps that aren’t giving you full privacy in your home? It may be time to look at a new pair of blinds that adequately fit your frame and measurements. 

With the hundreds of styles and dimensions to choose from there is a fit for every window frame to give you 100% privacy whenever you want it. How about custom built window treatments to fit exactly your dimensions and room style, we can do that. 


3. The slats don’t provide as tight of a close fit as they used to.

Solutions for Common Window IssuesDo you pull your cord or twist your tilt wand firmly but are still left with significant space and light entering through the slats of your blinds? This is a sign that your tilt mechanism may have given out, may just need a good oiling or you may be stuck with needing a whole new replacement. It’s often difficult to replace the pulling mechanisms without re-chording the entire window system and would be less costly and time efficient to replace your blinds.

If you haven’t had your blinds very long or noticed there has constantly been this lack of tightness you have experienced the result of improper installation or some of the hardware has in fact come undone. 


4. They’re a bit outdated.

Do you still have the same blinds and shades that were your great great grandmothers when the original house was built? Am I being extreme here, because I have seen it all. Do you have an outdated style that is few and far to come by, those vintage roller shades and victorian draperies. 

Not only do these make a room/home look “old” and “outdated” but they’re often worn out and hold common allergens and can be a danger to your home. It’s time to replace the antiques which something to freshen up your lighting. 


5. Frayed fabric and cords

Light Gray Frayed FabricThe edges of your fabric shades are frayed, check them out right now. Yeah, you see it too! These are often common with cellular shades, roman blinds, roller and solar shades. But what causes this? It’s more than likely due to the fact that your window treatments are larger than your frames. This results in scratching of your window panes, fabric frays and can also lead to scratching of your window glass and a lot more damage that can lead to a hefty penny in repairs. It’s time for a better fit.


6. Children safety is compromised

Small child pulling on window cord

Heavy fabrics and low hanging chords are one of the most significant dangers in the home. According to The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, a child under the age of 10 dies every month due to cord strangulation. With this in mind there have been numerous designs and products created to prohibit these hazards from being in the home. Make sure to look for motorized, cordless products and shades with inaccessible cords to replace your current choices.

Read this post from about window blinds and children safety for regulations and alternatives to corded blinds.


7. You just replaced your windows.

You got some brand new windows shining bright in your Old Kentucky Home! Or wherever you are in the world. . . You treated your home to a refreshing new update or transitioned to a more efficient, energy saving option for your home, this typically leads to different panes and dimensions that your original window treatment options may not be the best fit. Besides you updated the windows why not update their wardrobe!?


8. The slats are bent, broken, and/or warped

Badly warped blindsAhh, the most common issue when it comes to worn out blinds and shades. Notice your blinds slats are warped, you’ve gotten used to the look, but to guests, they stick out like a fly on a wedding cake! Depending on the product type this is often caused by heat and humidity damage. If you’re in heat rich climates, avoid faux wood blinds all together as they aren’t able to stand up to extreme heat. 

If it’s just one or two slats out of whack, they can be replaced, however if it’s multiple, it’s better to go ahead and get a replacement. If kids and pets are the case, look for something more durable and safer able to withstand those ‘extreme’ conditions. 

9. Your shades and blinds are discolored 

Stained, discolored faux wood blinds

A clear indication it’s time to replace your blinds. You’ve cleaned, dusted, and polished your heart out but you can’t seem to get off that yellow discoloration that is encasing the slats of your blinds. The reasoning, deterioration of the material of the blinds. When you’re back in the market for window treatments, make sure to look for UV inhibitors or transition to a roman shade and other fabric options that are easy to steam and wash.



Need some help in choosing the best window treatments for your space or have an issue with your current window treatments,  call us for a free consultation at (859)940-2462.