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Window shades have versatile functionality. They can create a private environment or control the amount of light your room receives while incorporating creative design elements into the room. There are many styles, fabrics, textures, and colors to choose from. Blinds by Design provides an extensive selection of custom roller shades, roman shades, woven wood shades, cellular shades, sheer shades, solar shades and various other options as well. With customizable design elements, you can personalize your new shades to match your style and your budget.

Roman Shades are a folded fabric window treatment option. Roman shades can give any room a chic and polished look. These stylish shades can transform any space.  Not only will the roman shades help manage light, they will also make your space feel glamorous. There are various fabric options to ensure the shades match your home’s décor.

Sheer Shades are an ideal option for those who love sunlight. These window treatments still allow natural light to flow through the room; however, they do so by diffusing light rather than blocking it. Rather than choosing bulky or heavy blinds, sheer shades are a lighter option that can add life to any space.

Cellular or Honeycomb Shades can be a great addition to your home, and a smart investment too. Cellular shades’ unique appearance is due to their insulated cells. This design allows the window treatment to trap airflow, thus keeping outside air, outside. With this feature, it means that when you heat or cool the room it will not be affected by outside temperatures. Thus you are able to conserve energy and most importantly, save money on energy bills. If you are looking for shades that look fabulous and save you money, this is the choice for you.

Woven Wood Shades are the perfect choice to give rooms a natural ambience. These fashionable shades can convey a warm and comforting presence.  This window treatment is perfect for those who enjoy a nature-inspired look.

Roller Shades are another option. These shades can equip any room with a sleek, polished appearance. This choice is ideal for those wanting a minimalistic look. However, with the choice of fabric you can design the blinds to add a pop of color or feature a bold pattern. A clean, simplistic look is possible when you select roller shades.