Sheers and Shades for UV Protection in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky (KY) Bedrooms of Homes.

UV Protection for Window Treatments

UV Protection for Window Treatments.


In this article, Blinds By Design – proudly serving Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky (KY), Jeffersonville and Sellersburg, Indiana (IN), and the surrounding areas – is here to tell you about sheers and shades for UV protection. Contact us today for all of your window treatment needs.

We all know that the sun can be incredibly beneficial to our health, so why not open up your shades and let the sunlight in? Well, what you may not realize is that the sun’s harmful UV rays are making their way into your home and causing damage. These UV rays can cause fading and deterioration of your furnishings and valuables, as well as cause awful headaches for you and other members of your family. However, we have a solution! Sheer shadings are the perfect way to eliminate this and allow you to still enjoy all the benefits of natural light.

From Worldwide Window Fashions to Timber to Skandia, we here at Blinds by Design carry a wide variety of incredible sheers and shadings that can provide you with maximum UV protection. Many of these products can even be incorporated with a motorized operating system to add convenience and simplicity to your daily life.

Some of the best things about sheer window fashions include their versatility, UV protection, and style. Horizontal sheers are great because they combine a roller shade with a horizontal blind, which allows you so much versatility in your view-through and light control. You can choose to keep the shade fully open or close it completely. However, when they are closed you still have the option of opening or closing the vanes to adjust your light control, view-through, and privacy. Not only that, but we offer tons of fabrics in different opacities, so you can always get the perfect levels of light control and privacy in your home.

Of course, the focus of this article is to discuss how great the UV protection from these shades is. No longer will you have to worry about your furniture, artwork, flooring or other household items being damaged. By protecting them from these harmful UV rays, you can save time and money you would normally have to spend on replacing them.

Blinds by Design is the perfect place to find the best custom window treatments for your home. We offer in-home consultations for free so that we can help you figure out what type is best, as well as help decide on colors to complement your décor. Our designers are incredibly skilled and you can expect nothing but the best from our staff, as well as the products we sell. We proudly serve all of Lexington and Louisville in Kentucky, Jeffersonville and Sellersburg, Indiana, as well as the surrounding areas. Give us a call today and let us help you find the perfect window treatments for your home!

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